CBD Vitamin C mints

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CBD Vitamin C Mints

Our CBD Vitamin C Mints are packed with 10 mg of CBD per mint and each bottle has 30 mints. These CBD Vitamin C Mints are loaded with vitamin C to give you that additional immunity boost.

All THC free and water soluble which makes it last longer in your system and keeps your breath fresh at the same time. Taking our CBD Mints is much more pleasurable than taking sublingual oil tinctures.

The best way to consume these mints is to microdose. Start with one or two and work your way up.

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Obsah balení: 30 bonbonů. Obsah CBD: 10 mg/bonbon. Složení: vitamin C; aromata; voda; sladidla: erythritol-glykosidy, steviol- -glykosidy, cukr; bramborový škrob; glukozový sirup; kakaové máslo; kukuřičný škrob, karboxymethylcelulóza; sorban draselný; regulátory kyselosti; karagenan; barviva: E171, E100, E161b, E120.

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